About us

About us

About us

Enuka Custom is a project that comes with the idea of ​​doing something unique and original, adapted to the customer, to their own tastes and interests. It starts as a handwork, laborious and where to spend many hours to everything is perfectly reflected  in either support. Any design can be customized, you are the protagonist.

I am currently combine the work by hand with my own collection of clothing and accessories designed by me and shaped in T-shirts with different techniques of screen printing, sublimation or vinyl. The clothes are limited to a few units, mixed with different styles related to the world of motorcycling, vintage, rock., Alternative .., music ... But always true to my style and my personal touch.

I have worked with great rock bands of this country, painting shoes for themselves and their fans, as Sober, Hamlet, Barricade, Skunk DF, Rulo and Contrabanda ....

If you want something specially designed for you, please contact me, tell me your tastes, your idea..and I will develop a design that fits your personality. It is also possible to capture a specific design you want, you just have to send a photo .. Now I work in both areas, hand painted, for those who appreciate art, the work laborious and done with soul, or digital design, more perfect, direct and concrete. You can choose the way best for you.

Imagination is the most powerful weapon that humans possess. I believe in art, inspiration and different alternatives offered. I love what I do because it makes me happy!

To all those who follow me, who support me, who believe in me ... to you, that you're always there ..... THANK YOU !!!


Enuka Custom